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AED Defibrillator Practi-Trainer Essentials Base Model AED Training Kit (4 Pack Kit)

by WNL
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SKU WL120ES10-4
  • 4-PACK AED DEFIBRILLATOR TRAINING KIT -This AED trainer kit includes 4 sets of the following: AED Trainer,  1 set of reusable adult and 1 set of reusable child training pads and connectors, 3 AA batteries. Also included is 1 Nylon carrying case to hold all items and 1 instructional manual
  • REALISTIC DEFIBRILLATOR TRAINING - This AED training unit provides realistic AED training. This item is for training purposes only and cannot be used for patient defibrillation. It features 5 preprogramed scenarios with an automatic and semi-automatic scenario
  • FULLY COMPLIANT WITH AHA GUIDELINES - Voice prompts guide students through simulated rescue situations, metronome sets proper pace for effective chest CPR compression, and compatible with most CPR manikins that are intended for AED training. Metronome can be turned off.
  • PERFECT FOR CLASSROOM AED AND CPR TRAINING - The portable AED trainer is cost effective enough for every student learning how to use an automated external defibrillator and easy storage with the 4 pack nylon carrying case.
  • WNL PRODUCTS DIFFERENCE - WNL Products is a leading supplier of CPR and first aid training equipment which can be attributed to quality, cost effective, and innovative products

Model Number: WL120ES10-4