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Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.
Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.

Air-Q Blocker Masked Laryngeal Airway, Disposable, Size 2.5, Box/10

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SKU MED104025

Developed and designed by an anesthesiologist for use with confidence!

Now with an integrated channel for use with an nasogastric tube for managing potential gastric fluids.

The new & improved design, with integrated soft, flexible channel guide to access the esophagus, has evolved into a superior airway. Clinicians can now place an NG Tube through the air-Q Blocker channel.

  • Use as a primary airway device when an oral endotracheal tube is not necessary.
  • Use as an aid to intubation in difficult airway situation.
  • Well suited when a bite block and/or access to posterior pharynx and upper esophagus is desired.


  • Removable color.coded connector allows intubation through the airway tube with any standard ET tubes.
  • Built. up mask heel for improved seal.
  • Blocker Tubes are designed to suction the pharynx or suction, vent and block the upper esophagus.
  • Blocker Channel accepts NG or Blocker tubes for accessing posterior pharynx and managing the esophagus.
  • The tethered connector avoids misplacing the connector.
  • Elevation ramp facilitates intubation & directs the ET tube toward the laryngeal Inlet.
  • Integrated bite block makes mask easier to place, reinforces the tube & diminishes the need for separate bite block.
Model Number: 10-4025