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Burnshield Hydrogel Spray 1.80oz, 50ml

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SKU BUR550020

Burnshield hydrogel gels and sprays cool minor burns and accelerate the healing process of burn wounds. It is also recommended for sunburns due to excessive sun exposure.

Easy to use: the gel is simply applied to the skin. Works immediately after first application.

Burnshield Hydrogel helps prevent infections, the high water content of the gel allows rapid cooling, which immediately relieves pain. When applied, the gel is evenly distributed on the wound, disinfects and protects it from external influences.


  • The gel is non-sticky and does not stick to the wound
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for use on children
  • Burnshield Hydrogel consists of 96% water, 1% tea tree oil and 3% gel emulsion. The unique composition of the gel cools the wound, disinfects it, immediately relieves pain and reducs the consequences of burns.

Model Number: 550020