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Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.
Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.


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We all know the high costs associated with a good Automated Chest Compression (ACC) device. Now Defibtech has developed an Automated Chest Compression Device, which is so cost effective that you wouldn’t want to be without it. Defibtech Lifeline Arm competes with the best in the industry and now sets a new standard of design, functionality and cost.

Give us a call and talk to our ACC specialist. You want to buy one or many today. Limited availability.

  • Defibtech Lifeline Arm Automated Chest Compression Device Features:
  • Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) device is quick and easy to deploy. It is a fact that the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an important predictor of outcome from cardiac arrest yet studies consistently demonstrate that the quality of CPR performed in real life is frequently sub-optimal.
  • Mechanical chest-compression devices provide an alternative to manual CPR. Any life saving technique demands a high level of excellence in its delivery during an emergency intervention. Such is the case with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) where a patient's chest compression fraction (CCF) can only be maximized if rescuers provide effective and uninterrupted CPR.
  • In addition, effective manual CPR may be jeopardized, because CPR guidelines become difficult to maintain, as fatigue can occur in as little as 1-2 minutes. Defibtech is proud to introduce the Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) device, a mechanical solution when effective manual CPR isn't possible, for example due to a shortage of personnel or during patient transport. When used as an adjunct to manual CPR, it ensures effective CPR for adults with compression depth (2 inches/5cm) and rate (at least 100 per minute), as recommended in current AHA/ERC guidelines.

Model Number: RCF-A1000EN