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Free Shipping on all orders over $175

Endotracheal ET Tube w/ Pre-loaded Stylet, Cuffed

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This single use Endotracheal Tube comes with a preloaded Slip Stylet to save you time and storage space. The stylet has a low friction coating to facilitate smooth withdrawal. It is designed with a soft distal tip to reduce the risk of trauma. Individually wrapped in sterile packaging.

  • Graduated tube with black positioning ring and depth markings
  • X-ray opaque stripe over full length of tube
  • Thin-walled cuff lies close to the tube when deflated for easy insertion
  • Large volume cuff provides low pressure seal
  • Partially inserted 15mm connector
  • Inflation indicator and one-way valve

Model Numbers: MTR-112ET55C-Z, MTR-112ET60-Z, MTR-112ET65C-Z, MTR-112ET70C-Z, MTR-112ET75C-Z, MTR-112ET80C-Z, MTR-112ET85C-Z, MTR-112ET90C-Z