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Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.
Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.

Ever Ready First Aid Tactical Trauma IFAK Kit Feat. Trauma Pack QuikClot, Israeli Bandage, SWAT-T Tourniquet in IFAK Molle Pouch

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  • A KIT PACKED WITH ESSENTIALS - A small and lightweight kit that's packed with high quality equipment to treat a variety of emergencies and injuries.
  • TRAUMA PACK WITH QUIKCLOT - Stop bleeding on site quickly and efficiently with this selection of essentials, featuring Quikclot advanced clotting sponge to stop bleeding fast.
  • SWAT-T TOURNIQUET – This multi-use tourniquet will treat a variety of injuries, minor to life-threatening. Wrap tightly, ensuring ovals/rectangles change to circle/squares. Can be used as a tourniquet, a pressure bandage or as an elastic bandage.
  • COMPRESSED GAUZE, ISRAELI BANDAGE & BANDAGE SHEER - Vacuum-sealed to provide the most amount of of sterile bandage and gauze in the smallest packaging possible. Easily cut to fit with a stainless steel bandage sheer.
  • NASOPHARYNGEAL AIRWAY WITH LUBRICANT - Easily insertable and made with patient comfort in mind, secure an open airway with this NPA. Lubrication included.

- 1 Black IFAK Bag

- 1 Trauma Pack With Quickclot
- 1 7-1/4" Black Stainless Steel Paramedic Scissors
- 1 Nasopharyngeal Airways 28FR
- 1 Pack of Dynalube Sterile Lubricating Jelly
- 1 4.5" x 4.1" Sterile Primed Gauze Bandage
- 1 6" Israeli Compression Bandage 
- 1 SWAT-T Tourniquet

Model Number: EVR1302K