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Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.

Glucagon Emergency Kit

by Lilly
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Treating Severe Low Blood Sugar

A key to managing an episode of severe low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is to be prepared. You'll want to be ready in case you or someone close to you ever experiences severe low blood sugar. If not treated quickly, mild or moderate low blood sugar can become severe.

Severe low blood sugar is very serious. If it happens, loss of consciousness may occur. When a person’s blood sugar falls this low, they may be physically unable to eat or drink a rapid-acting source of sugar (glucose). They may need a Glucagon shot—and you, a family member, or another adult will need to be ready to give it to them.

Make sure that your relatives or close friends know that if you become unconscious, medical assistance must always be sought. If you are unconscious, Glucagon can be given to you while awaiting medical assistance.

What Is Glucagon?

Glucagon is a medicine that’s different from insulin.
It works by telling the body to release sugar into the blood stream to bring the blood sugar level back up.

The possibilities of severe low blood sugar and giving a Glucagon injection might scare you. But it's very important that you understand how to recognize symptoms of severe low blood sugar, and that you or the ones close to you are ready to give a Glucagon injection, if necessary.

You and anyone who may need to help you during an emergency should become familiar with how to use Glucagon before an emergency arises. Read the Information for the User provided in the kit.


  • Vial of Glucagon powder
  • Syringe prefilled with sterile water

Prescription Drug Authorization is required to purchase this item.