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Welcome to the new We are updating features and adding products daily.

Nitromist 400mcg Spray

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NitroMist® is a nitrate vasodilator indicated for acute relief of an attack or acute prophylaxis of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease.


  • The NitroMist Aerosol Delivery System: NitroMist has a unique aerosol delivery system that maintains the potency and stability of nitroglycerin for up to 36 months (or approximately 230 sprays).
  • Consistent Metered Dose: NitroMist features a unique delivery system. With each spray, a consistent metered dose is delivered via propellant-driven ultrafine mist. Adequate pressure must be applied to the actuator button to receive the full dose. Unit must be primed prior to initial use.
  • Priming NitroMist: After receiving a new prescription or refill, patients should remove the plastic cap, place forefinger on actuator button, and press 10 times. NitroMist is now primed for 6 weeks and ready to use. If not used for more than 6 weeks, the NitroMist bottle can be adequately reprimed with 2 sprays.
  • NitroMist Works Fast: NitroMist is rapidly absorbed to help provide fast relief. In one study, nitroglycerin aerosol spray provided symptom relief from acute angina in 60 seconds or less in 70% of patients vs. 38% for tablets (P<.001).1* In another large scale study of nearly 800 angina patients, nitroglycerin spray provided rapid symptom relief in most patients—regardless of age.2*†
  • Get Fast Protection: NitroMist also prevents angina that is triggered by exercise. Patients treated with NitroMist significantly increased their exercise tolerance (the time it takes to experience angina symptoms while exercising).3 Patients can take NitroMist 5 to 10 minutes before engaging in activities that may trigger an attack. NitroMist can be sprayed on or under the tongue during an angina attack and is not to be inhaled.
  • Convenient and Reliable: The NitroMist bottle is distinct. The pocket-sized bottle provides convenience and reliability, remaining potent for up to 36 months. It requires initial priming of 10 sprays and remains adequately primed for 6 weeks. If not used within 6 weeks, NitroMist can be adequately reprimed with 2 sprays. For complete instructions, watch the How to Take NitroMist patient video.
  • Storage temperature range: 15 to 30°C (59 to 86°F)

Prescription Drug Authorization is required to purchase this item.

Model Number: 1911-43008