BVM, Ambu SPUR II with Bag Reservoir & Gas Sampling Line



Bag Valve Mask SPUR II Adult Single Patient Use Medium Mask Latex Free With ECTO2 Gas Sampling Line

  • Produces clean and consistent waveforms
  • Unique filtration system helps protect the monitor from moisture
  • Direct M-port connection reduces dead space
  • Eliminates need for separate sample line and adapters resulting in SKU reduction
  • Reflective connector compatible with most capnography monitors
  • Delivers tidal volumes which meet AHA standards for cardiopulmonary resuscitation

The SPUR II from Ambu combines optimal tidal volume delivery* with capnography to help ensure safe & reliable manual resuscitation. Utilizing its unique M-port and a gas sampling line, the SPUR II facilitates sidestream EtCO2 monitoring by conveniently providing caregivers with all the tools necessary to properly ventilate patients in an emergency situation.

Model Number: 520211000E

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