Celox Gauze Roll, 3″ x 5′



Celox dressings are a safe and easy way to stop bleeding fast. The Celox granules adapt to the bleeding source and does not generate heat. Celox can also be used to clot blood of individuals who are taking a blood thinner. Independent studies that Celox is more effective in stopping blood flow than other popular bleeding control products and will not cause re-bleeding. Any Celox granules left on the wound are safely and naturally absorbed by the body.Sterile Celox gauze dressing measures 3 inches by 5 feet and are sold individually.
  • Helps save lives by controlling bleeding in minutes, works in hypothermic conditions
  • No heat, no burning.
  • Sterile, waterproof, easy-open packaging for single dose.
  • No special storage requirements.
  • Easy to remove from wound.

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