Dynarex Blue Exam Gowns, 3Ply



  • Soft Protection - With its 3-ply tissue-poly-tissue construction, these gowns help contain fluid or gel from making a mess during health exams or office procedures. The soft material won't feel abrasive or itchy.
  • Preserves Patient Modesty - Our gowns can be worn to open from the front or the back. Patients will not have to reveal any more than is necessary. Plastic ties hold the gown securely in place.
  • Supports Sanitation At Work - Made for single use, our disposable exam gowns can be simply thrown out after every procedure, eliminating the risk of fluids coming into contact with the next patient.
  • Sized For Most - Every patient will be a different height and weight. With its universal sizing and range of colors White, Blue, and Mauve, our gowns can be worn by everyone.
  • Stock Up On Superb Supplies - Inside every box, you'll find 50 disposable gowns. By buying in bulk instead of packs with fewer pieces, you'll save more and won't have to worry about running low soon.

Model Number: 8102

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