4.5 ET Tube W/Stylette Cuffed

$3.00 - $30.00


Perfect for delivering higher amounts of oxygen or certain medicines to patients comfortably.

The Dynarex Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes are designed to deliver oxygen or administer certain medications directly into the lungs. The inflatable cuff is used to isolate and secure the airways. The Endotracheal tubes are soft and flexible and available with or without an intubating stylette. The stylette is inserted into the endotracheal tube and helps give it form to guide the tube through the patients airways.

  • Provides direct route into patient's lungs
  • Designed to deliver oxygen
  • Inflatable cuff secures and maintains airway
  • May be used as a route to administer certain medications
  • Helps secure and maintain patient airways
  • All tubes have a Murphy Eye Hole and are available with or without intubation stylet
  • Sterile

Model Number: 1734345

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