Ever Ready First Aid 5ml Syringe Sterile with Luer Lock Tip - No Needle - Individually Sealed

$0.50 - $15.95


  • LUER LOCK TIP – The interlocking threads allow needles to be twisted onto the tip to create a tight, leak-proof connection and prevent accidents. They will be locked into place until you’re ready to dispose of them.
  • SAFE AND STERILE – The syringes are individually wrapped and sterile unless the packaging is damaged or opened.
  • CLEAR SCALE – Each syringe has a clear scale and measurement marks in millimeters, so you can easily measure and dispense liquids accurately.
  • KID & PET FRIENDLY – Use our syringes to administer measured doses of liquids to children, pets, or anyone who has difficulty swallowing.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – You can also use the syringes for hobbies and crafts, in an industrial lab, or around the house whenever you need to dispense or refill any liquids.

Extra Information

Ever Ready First Aid
Prescription Drug Authorization:
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