Ever Ready First Aid Bleeding Control - Basic Kit with CAT Tourniquet, Hemostatic Bandage, Compressed Gauze Dressing, Autoclavable Stainless Steel Trauma Shears, Gloves, Permanent Marker



  • CAT TOURNIQUET – Designed to compress the limb to restrict blood flow. Prevents hemorrhaging, one of the leading preventable deaths in both tactical and non-tactical situations.
  • EMERGENCY BANDAGE – Emergency Bandages are the best hemorrhage control compression solution, thanks to the revolutionary patented pressure applicator.
  • COMPRESSED GAUZE DRESSING – Unique crinkle weave ensures excellent fluid absorption 2 packages.
  • AUTOCLAVABLE TRAUMA SHEARS – This 7.5” park of sears can cut through just about anything: denim, leather, other heavy fabrics. Great for any situation where heavy cutting strength is needed.
  • NITRILE GLOVES & PERMANENT MARKER - Marker is made to mark and stand out on almost every surface. Nitrile gloves are three times more likely to resist rips and tears than vinyl or latex gloves. 2 Pair, Size Large..

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