Ever Ready First Aid Combo Stainless Disposable LED Miler Blade

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A specific type of laryngoscope blade used in medical procedures for visualizing the airway and assisting with intubation. Let's break down the components and features based on the description you provided:

  1. Combo Stainless Disposable LED Miller Blade:

    • Combo: Similar to the previous description, "Combo" implies that this blade might offer a combination of features or functionalities. This could mean that it's compatible with various laryngoscope handle types or has additional features beyond standard Miller blades.
    • Stainless: The blade is constructed from stainless steel, a common material used in medical instruments due to its durability, resistance to corrosion, and ease of cleaning and sterilization.
    • Disposable: This indicates that the blade is designed for single-use only. Disposable blades are often preferred in medical settings to prevent cross-contamination between patients and to simplify the cleaning process.
    • LED: The blade is equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for illumination. LED lighting provides clear and focused light, enhancing visibility of the patient's airway during procedures.
    • Miller Blade: The "Miller" blade design is one of the common types of laryngoscope blades. It features a straight, flat blade with a curved tip, designed to lift the epiglottis and provide a clear line of sight to the vocal cords. Miller blades are often used for pediatric patients and individuals with limited mouth opening.

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