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Ever Ready First Aid Non-Woven Sponges, 4" x 4", 4 Ply

$8.95 - $19.99


The Ever Ready First Aid non-woven gauze sponges are made from fibers that are pressed together to resemble a weave. This results in increased absorbency and better wicking. This gauze is stronger, bulkier and softer than woven gauze, and produces less lint. They are perfect for use by medical professionals as well as for the home.

  • EXCEPTIONAL ABSORPTION - Non-Woven Gauze Sponges are made from a latex-free poly rayon blend and are non-sterile and lint free. They are coarser and used in more general first aid applications where a wound might need to be cleaned, or packed. They have more space between their fibers that act as reservoirs to store liquids, creating a higher capacity for absorbency.
  • 4 LAYERS – This sponge has 4 layers of gauze which increase its effectiveness at absorbing liquids with no chemical additives. They are soft for patient comfort when used on sensitive skin. Non-woven sponges are less likely to adhere to wounds compared to woven sponges.
  • MANY USES – In addition to wound dressing and surgery uses, our sponges are perfect for exfoliating, makeup removal, skincare regimes and applying lotions or salves. Use for pets to apply medications or to clean their paw pads, ears and eyes.
  • 800 SPONGES - This order is for four packs, a total of 800 non-woven sponges.

Model Number: 0200025, 0200025-2PK, 0200025-4PK 

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