EverOne Multi-Purpose Ecg Monitoring Electrode, 100 Count (2 Bags Of 50)



EverOne Multi-Purpose ECG (EKG) Monitoring Electrodes offer instant adhesion and up to 5 days of monitoring with minimal patient skin irritation. The electrodes are packed in a bag of 100 and remain fresh for 45 days out of the bag. The smaller size of 1.57in x 1.37in (4cm x 3.5cm) is for easier application and minimal irritation. Foam tape backing with sticky gel provides optimal patient comfort. Our electrodes have excellent trace quality for more accurate results and can be used in various applications of ECG tests or monitoring.

  • 4cm x 3.5cm monitoring electrodes - MULTI-PURPOSE monitoring electrodes with sticky gel feature a high performance adhesive and foam backing.
  • 5 day wear time - adhesive foam-tape backing and proprietary sticky gel ensure excellent skin contact for up to five days of Wear time.
  • Comfortable foam backing - Foam backing is comfortable for patients, Occlusive to fluids, and easy to handle for quick application.
  • Excellent trace quality - the sticky gel is designed to produce better trace quality, even when applied to diaphoretic skin.
  • 100 pads total - each order is for two bags of 50 ECG pads. Pads can stay usable for 45 days after opening bags.

Model Number: EVOECG1_sq2

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