Flow Safe II EZ CPAP System w/ Nebulizer, Large Adult



When lives hang in the balance, you need a disposable CPAP system that lives up to the challenge. The Flow-Safe II EZ Disposable CPAP System from Mercury Medical is the only system that has so many advantages, it gives you an advantage in life-saving emergencies. In short, the Flow-Safe II EZ represents nothing short of a revolution in emergency care.

A major leap in product innovation, it takes Emergency Care to a whole new level.

  • CPAP and Nebulizer System in One
  • Less Parts - Easy Set-up
  • Only One O2 Source

Clinicians can deliver aerosol & CPAP therapy with just one oxygen source. This CPAP system uses 50% less oxygen, Increase flow and activate the nebulizer.

Intigrated Nebulizer:

  • Uses only one oxygen supply source.
  • Easy Set-Up, less parts.

CPAP system consumes 50% less oxygen:

The Flow-Safe II EZ conserves oxygen while maintaining high FiO2 delivery. Saves resources and represents a major advantage on long transports. Increasing flow may be necessary when activating the nebulizer.

Built-in manometer and pressure relief valve:

Only the Flow-Safe II EZ system features a built-in manometer for verified pressure readings. No assembly of separate apparatus. And the pressure relief valve automatically adjusts to avoid excess pressure.

Advanced mask design:

The Flow-Safe II EZ mask is lighter, easier to handle and is designed to form a better anatomical seal. The elastic head harness is easy-to-place with velcro straps that easily adjust for patient comfort.

  • Includes Quick Disconnect Clips
  • Straight Rotating Port
  • Soft Forehead Padding easily adjusts reducing pressure on the nose.

Model Number: 1057318

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