Immobilization Kit



We've combined our popular backboard with our head immobilizer & spider strap to give you a quicker & more economical way to get the patient strapped up & transported.

Kit includes:
•    Dixie Backboard, Orange (540087)
•    Dixie Head Immobilizer (230690)
•    Dixie Spider Strap (MS-STS-11-BG-C)

The Dixie brand backboard comes with pins for extra strength, has many handholds, and a raised bottom for an easy pick-up.
•    X-ray translucent material
•    Raised handholds
•    10 pins

The easy-to-clean standard head immobilization system is made of closed cell foam, immobilizer will not absorb blood or other bodily fluids and is easily sanitized between uses. Head support blocks provide access to monitoring patients ear and provide minimal lateral movement. The device attaches to all spine boards and stretchers, which can be stored with the base plate attached. Built for durability, this item consists of two hefty foam pads, chin and head straps, and a removable base plate.
•    X-ray, CT scan and MRI compatible
•    Adjustable for adults, children and infants

The reflective 10 Point spider straps is favorite among EMS professionals for its ease of use. These straps made of heavy nylon are superior to other straps on the market. It also comes with its own carrying case. The reflective strip along the middle of it is great for use in dark areas.


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