Introcan Safety IV Catheter FEP 18G x 1 1/4" (Straight)



The passive Introcan Safety® IV Catheter is designed to minimize accidental needlesticks without requiring user activation. A stainless steel clip shields the needle tip. Passive design eliminates risk of inadvertent activation while offering a short learning curve with minimal in-service training. A syringe can be pre-attached to facilitate aspiration and injection during insertion.

  • No User Activation - Since the design is passive, the safety mechanism does not need to be activated - a stainless steel safety clip shields the needle tip as it is withdrawn. The healthcare worker does not need to take any extra steps to activate the safety mechanism so there is no risk that he/she will forget to make the needle safe.
  • No Way to Bypass - With a passive design, the safety mechanism cannot be bypassed.
  • No Risk of Inadvertent Activation - due to the passive design there is no chance that the healthcare worker will accidentally activate the safety feature at the wrong time - the needle tip is automatically shielded as it is withdrawn from the indwelling catheter.
  • Minimal Training Required - Since the passive design is so simple and easy to use there is a short learning curve with minimal in-service training.

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Model Number: 4252560-02

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