IO KeepSafe



In a pre-hospital environment intraosseous infusion has become a standard of care when the need for rapid vascular access is necessary and peripheral access is unavailable.

Protecting the IO needle has presented many challenges. All to often IO needles can be dislodged, bumped, and their patency affected during patient movement from houses, cars, etc.

There is a new solutions available to protect the IO needle. It is called the IO KeepSafe and it is like no other product available on the market. The IO KeepSafe will revolutionize the safety and security of the IO needle.

Easy and Safe

The IO KeepSafe fits all three sizes of EZ-IO needles at all approved IO insertion sites. After proper insertion the IO KeepSafe is placed over the top of the needle hub and locks into place with a sliding clip. A soft elastic strap is wrapped around the extremity and secured.

The proof is visible

In the past, EMS providers would use any number of methods to secure an IO needle. From bulky dressings, to BVM masks, to copious amounts of tape. All would secure the IO needle but all limited the visibility of the site to monitor for infiltration etc. The IO KeepSafe with it's patented design allows for a clear vision of the IO site and easy access if the need arises.

The IO KeepSafe was designed by an EMS professional for EMS professionals.

Model Number: IOSAFE

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