King LT-D Disposable Supraglottic Airways- Orange 2.5



The King LT-D is a disposable supraglottic airway designed for superior positive pressure ventilation as well as spontaneous breathing. It consists of a curved tube with ventilation apertures located between two inflatable cuffs. Both cuffs are inflated using a single valve/ pilot balloon. The distal cuff is designed to seal the esophagus, while the proximal cuff is intended to seal the oropharynx. Attached to the proximal end of the tube is a 15 mm connector for attachment to a standard breathing circuit or resuscitation bag.

  • Available in pediatric and adult sizes
  • Alternative to tracheal intubation or mask ventilation
  • Consistently achieves a ventilatory seal of 30 cm H2O or higher
  • Easy to insert and results in minimal airway trauma
  • Shorter tube length and patented “s-shape""
  • Depth marks
  • Single valve pilot balloon
  • Anatomically shaped proximal cuff
  • Ventilation openings and eyelets
  • Distal cuff
  • 100% latex free and sterile for single patient use

Model Number: KLTD2025

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