King Vision Video Laryngoscope aBlades, Case/20



  • King Vision is designed to visualize the vocal cords indirectly which can help minimize the need for tissue manipulation and improve the ability to see anterior airways.
  • King Vision is light weight, self-contained, battery operated and water resistant.
  • Blades are individually packaged. Each blade is disposable, eliminating concerns about cross contamination.
  • Disposable aBlades allow economical use of the King Vision video laryngoscope for all intubations. With the addition of the aBlade configuration you have an excellent solution to the problem of limited availability of advanced imaging devices in the OR.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Integrated blade/handle design for complete control
  • Channeled and standard disposable blades for guided or standard insertions
  • Guiding channel for easy ETT placement and removal
  • Anti fog treatment in every blade
  • Excellent view provided with every blade

Model Number: KVLAB3

Extra Information