Mabis Basal Digital Thermometer



The Basal Thermometer, whether using it as a tool for natural family planning or to better understand the fertility cycle,  provides readings with accuracy within 1/10 of a degree - one of the most accurate digital basal thermometers available. (Most digital thermometers are accurate within 2/10ths of a degree.)

  • Fast - Up to four times faster than a glass basal thermometer
  • Beeper indicates peak temperature reading
  • Large, easy-to read digital display
  • Memory recall of last reading
  • Waterproof
  • For oral use

Included Items:

  • Clear storage case
  • 5 probe covers
  • Replaceable 1.5V battery
  • 12-month supply of ovulation charts

Model Number: 15-639-000

Extra Information

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