MediTac Camping Military Outdoors Bed Cot - Heavy Duty, Durable with Carry Storage Bag



  • SLEEPING COMFORT – This MediTac cot is perfect for tent camping and creating a comfortable sleeping bed while outdoors. Elevated 16” off the ground to keep you warm and dry. 
  • FAST SET UP: This bed sets up in minutes with minimal effort required.  It’s sturdy fame and canvas surface provide a comfortable and secure sleeping surface.
  • 350 lbs & 500 lbs VERSIONS AVAILABLE - The strong frame and canvas surface will support up to 350 lbs or 500 lbs, depending on model, in comfort. Folds easily and sets up in minutes with minimal effort required.  The cot is 75” long by 25” wide and 16” tall providing a comfortable rest for everyone. Hinges lock securely for safety and entire bed folds down quickly for storage or transportation.  
  • MULTIPLE USES - This bed can be used for children, house guests, campers or explores. And it also ideal for lounge at park, beach, backyard, garden, and around a camp site.
  • STORAGE / CARRYING CASE INCLUDED – This cot includes a durable bag that will keep the cot and its components safe and ready to use.  It includes a strong carrying strap for easy portability.

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