MediTac Intermediate Bleeding Control Pack Feat. RATS Tourniquet, Emergency Bandage, Compressed Gauze Dressing and Vented Chest Seals

$59.95 - $69.95


Planning and preparation are key in any emergency. The Quick-Tear easy to open, single use, vacuum sealed MediTac Bleeding Control Pack includes the lifesaving essentials needed to stop traumatic bleeding until additional help arrives. This kit will stop the flow of blood from life threatening injuries from many types of wounds. The tourniquet will stop massive blood loss from a major limb/extremity injury, use the compressed gauze to fill a wound and stop the bleeding, or use the emergency bandage that combines a highly absorbent pad with compression to stop the flow of blood. Complete and compact, keep these kits in multiple locations- at home, work and in the car, so you can be ready to assist during a road accident, active shooter or any situation a life-threatening bleed injury can occur.

    • INTERMEDIATE BLEEDING CONTROL PACK-This single use pack includes the essentials for traumatic blood loss situations. This kit includes a tourniquet, a 4” Israeli style pressure bandage, 2 compression gauze, 2 vented chest seals, a mylar survival blanket, shears, gloves, a permanent marker and 3 antiseptic wipes. The non-resealable package includes our Quick Tear feature for fast and easy access.
    • VENTED CHEST SEALS - Vented Chest seals should be used when an open chest injury occurs. Chest seals work by closing the chest wall opening to keep collapsed lungs inflated.
    • RATS TOURNIQUET - Rapid Application Tourniquet System is made with a 1/2” flat, solid, vulcanized rubber core wrapped with nylon.  Its unique locking mechanism makes it a simple, rapidly applied tourniquet to stop blood flow. It is effective in occluding blood flow in both upper and lower extremities and will not loosen or slip over time.
    • EMERGENCY BANDAGE 4”and COMPRESSED GAUZE DRESSING – Emergency Bandages are the best hemorrhage control compression solution, thanks to the revolutionary pressure applicator. 2 shrink wrapped crinkle gauze can be used as backing gauze for hemostatic agents and in conjunction with a compression bandage to control hemorrhaging.
    • MYLAR EMERGENCY BLANKET - These advanced and durable double-sided Mylar blankets are ideal for preserving body heat in emergency situations or in extreme conditions. Use to prevent both hypothermia and shock. Windproof, waterproof, and snow proof design allows you to conserves 90% of your body heat.
    • NITRILE GLOVES, SHEARS & MORE - Nitrile gloves are three times more likely to resist rips and tears than vinyl or latex gloves. 1 Pair, Size Large. The 7.5” shears are sturdy to cut through tough cloths and bandages. Marker is made to mark and stand out on almost every surface.

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