Meret Recover Pro O2 Response EMS Bag



RECOVER PRO X Response Bag is built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy emergency oxygen during critical moments and save lives, with COMPLETE INFECTION CONTROL. Similar to the OMNI PRO X, the RECOVER PRO X is the foundation for a system of Ready bags that are interchangeable, enabling you to attach additional Ready modules to the bag’s sides depending your requirements. 
  • Makes oxygen transport and access easy and efficient
  • Can secure numerous sizes of aluminum O2 cylinders and a regulator
  • Accepts additional modules on bag sides
  • Foam construction helps maintain shape and protects contents
  • Durable and water-resistant

Packed with features, the RECOVER PRO X oxygen backpack system delivers the quality, reliability, and functionality you expect when you’re called into action. 

Model Number: M5108F

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