Meret Zipper Adaptor (4000 Series)



The Module Converter allows you to connect MERET TS/TS2 Ready™ modules to either past 4000 series TS Ready™ or to the new 5000 series TS2 Ready™ bags. Simply zip one side to the module and the other to the TS/TS2 Ready™ bag and they're connected.

Features: -

  • Incredibly durable 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain resistant
  • Solution to attaching past series modules to larger zippered TS2 Ready™ bags
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5" x 1.5"
  • Product Weight: 3 oz standard
  • M4L Lifetime Warranty

How do you know which converter to get? Simple, if the zipper pullers on your current MERET bag do not have an "M" logo in side a circle, then you have a 4000 series TS Ready™ bag. If your bag does have an "M" logo in side a circle, then you have the new 5000 series TS Ready™ bag. Depending on which bag you have follow the steps below to select your converter:

Model Number: M4001Z

Extra Information