Microflex Onyx N64 Gloves, Small, Case of 1000



The Microflex Onyx N64 Gloves are a type of disposable nitrile gloves designed for various applications in the medical, laboratory, or industrial settings. Here's a description of these gloves:

  1. Material: These gloves are made from nitrile, a synthetic rubber compound. Nitrile gloves are known for their excellent strength, durability, and resistance to punctures, tears, and chemicals. They provide a high level of protection against a wide range of substances.

  2. Size: The gloves are available in a small size, making them suitable for individuals with smaller hands. Choosing the right glove size is important for ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

  3. Quantity: This product is sold in a case containing 1000 individual gloves. Cases of gloves are commonly used in healthcare and other industries where a large quantity of disposable gloves is needed for routine tasks and procedures.

  4. Color: The Microflex Onyx N64 Gloves typically come in a black color. Black nitrile gloves are often preferred for tasks where visibility of dirt and stains is a concern, as they can mask these blemishes better than lighter-colored gloves.

  5. Texture: These gloves may feature a textured surface on the fingertips, providing a better grip in both wet and dry conditions. The textured surface enhances tactile sensitivity, making them suitable for tasks that require precision and dexterity.

  6. Powder-Free: These gloves are typically powder-free, meaning they do not have a powder coating on the interior. Powder-free gloves are often preferred in healthcare settings to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and to maintain a clean working environment.

  7. Ambidextrous: Nitrile gloves are usually designed to be ambidextrous, meaning they can be worn on either hand, simplifying the glove selection process.

Model Number: MFXN641CASE

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