Prestan Adult Medium Skin CPR-AED Training Manikin with CPR Monitor - 4/pack



This AHA Compliant, 4-Pack of Prestan Adult Manikins-Medium Tone comes equipped with Compression Depth Clicker Feedback Devices AND Compression Rate Monitor Feedback Devices.

This 4-Pack of Manikins will optimize your training program by ensuring the student’s Compression Depth and Compression Rate are reached with an audible 'clicking' sound and LED indicators provided by two separate feedback devices.

Away from the classroom, instructors want their students to act confidently when faced with a cardiac emergency. We want our participants to leave class knowing they can perform quality CPR to help save the lives of people in cardiac arrest.

Achieve this with Prestan Professional's revolutionary new CPR manikins with Rate Monitors. The LED indicators allow for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding their rate of chest compressions.

Instructors can monitor several students quickly and easily, while students themselves can visually gauge their compression rate reinforcing more practice time using proper technique.

Additional Items Included: 50 Adult Lung Bags, an Instruction Sheet, and an MCR Medical branded nylon carrying case.

Model Number: PP-AM-400M-MS

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