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Free Shipping on all orders over $175

LSP Disposable Standard Circuit with 12" Corrugated Hose

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SKU 144025
The LSP Standard Circuit w/ 12" Corrugated Hose is designed to be used with all AutoVent 2000, 3000, Demand Valves, and Bag Mask Resuscitators. This standard circuit includes a built-in bacteria and viral filtering system which has a viral efficiency rating in excess of 99.9%. This unique filtering system minimizes patient cross contamination.

  • Clear valve assembly allows for easy visualization of the valve function and the presence of foreign material due to patient coughing and/or vomiting
  • Valve assembly is also equipped with an external 29mm outside diameter P.E.E.P. port for compatible use with standard P.E.E.P. valves

Model Number: L599-010