Safety Belt Solution



Children and adults on the back seat will be able to enjoy more comfort and safety thanks to the Safety Belt Solution. This seatbelt guide ensures that the belt is guided comfortably over the shoulder and can no longer cut into the neck. This easy to adjust seatbelt guide is suitable for many heights and can be used in combination with a booster seat. Seatbelts keep their original function. Once installed this product can stay in place permanently.

Slide the strap between the seat and back cushion of the back seat. Place the clasp over the back rest of the back seat so that it also comes out in the boot. Pull the ends of the strap through the clasp. Pull the strap tight and make sure the clasp is properly closed. Slide the elastic sleeve over the clasp. Then open the carabiner, put the seat belt in the carabiner and close it again. Then simply move the seat belt to the required height with the adjustable pad.

Model Number: BSNO1BL

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