Sharps Container 5 Quart with Mailbox Style Lid - Large



5 Quart Biohazard Container are made from strong puncture resistant plastic. Sharps Containers come in packs of1, and 3.

  • These sharps containers have gone through the required 510k process which is submitted with the applicable information and test reports and then a 510k number is issued after approval.
  • EASY ACCESS - Horizontal drop provides easy access to the large counter balanced opening.
  • NO TOUCH DESINGN – 2 outer tabs allow you to open and close sharps container safely without having to place fingers near opening.
  • This pack contains top selling sharps disposal container made by Dynarex item # 4624 plus a guide with the recommended process for properly disposing of used needles and other sharps printed on a 4''x6''.
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT - This 5-quart needle container designed so needles can be dropped in the container without touching the outside. And is made from strong puncture resistant plastic.

Model Number: 4624

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