Sked® Basic Rescue System with Cobra Buckles – International Orange



The Sked Basic Rescue System with Cobra Buckles or its alternative name the Sked Stretcher has built a reputation worldwide for its versatility. It can be dragged, carried or lifted / hoisted horizontally or vertically by winch on a helicopter, crane or tripod as well as do all the actions that a conventional basket stretcher can do by being dragged or carried.

The Sked Stretcher is used by virtually every rescue team in any rescue scenario including the military, emergency rescue services and industry including oil and gas, mining, construction or anywhere there may be a need to have a solution to a real or potential danger or hazard. It has also gained the deserved reputation of being the confined space rescue stretcher system of choice. If the person can enter the confined space the Sked can get them out.

Model Number: SK-200C-OR

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