T-PODResponder Pelvic Stabilization Device, Orange



When seconds count, you need the most effective and reliable pelvic fracture treatment available.

The answer is not a bedsheet. It’s a Pelvic Stabilization Device specifically designed to provide stabilizing symmetrical and circumferential compression:

  • Recent clinical evidence indicates that Pelvic Stabilization Devices improve pelvic fracture outcomes, and

  • T-PODResponder is easy to apply by a single EMS professional in the field, provides symmetrical, circumferential compression, and does not need to be removed for MRI, X-Ray or CT scans.

Based on the design of our popular T-POD product, T-PODResponder features a thinner and more compact design to better fit in your emergency bags (a 3-4mm thickness compared to the 7-8mm thickness of T-POD). The new 100% polyurethane material is thinner, breathable, latex-free, durable, contains moisture wicking capabilities and will not fray even when cut to size.

6 Reasons to Choose T-PODResponder:

  • One person can apply. Designed with an easy-to-tighten pulley system, T-PODResponder can be applied by one person in the field.

  • One size fits all. You can customize the fit of T-PODResponder for nearly any size person over 50 lbs.

  • 100% radiolucent. T-PODResponder is designed without the use of metal so it does not have to be removed for MRI, X-Ray and CT scans.

  • Compact and lightweight. Designed to better fit into your emergency bag.

  • Using a unique mechanical advantage pulley system, T-PODResponder ensures simultaneous, symmetrical compression, where and when needed—placing control of the tightening process in the hands of providers.

  • Early pre-hospital pelvic immobilization using T-PODResponder reduces morbidity, mortality, blood loss, the need for blood transfusions and hospital length of stay.

T-PODResponder Clinical Advantage:

  • Effective and easy-to-use device to stabilize the pelvic ring in patients that have suspected pelvic fractures and possible internal bleeding.1

  • Can substantially reduce transfusion requirements, length of hospital stay, as well as reduce mortality in patients with unstable pelvic fractures.2

  • Can provide better stabilization of a globally unstable pelvic fracture than an external fixator.

T-PODResponder Pelvic Stabilization Benefits:

  • Small & Lightweight Design – Featuring a 3-4mm thickness compared to the 7-8mm thickness of the previous T-POD design, T-PODResponder is now smaller and more compact than ever to better fit into your emergency bag.

  • One Person Application – The unique easy-to-tighten pulley system means that T-PODResponder can be easily applied by just one person in the field.

  • One Size Fits All – No carrying around different sizes. You can quickly and easily trim T-PODResponder to customize the fit for any size person over 50 lbs. For morbidly obese patients, you can easily combine two T-PODResponder devices together.

  • 100% Radiolucent – You do not have to remove and then reapply T-PODResponder for radiological procedures. Designed using no metallic parts, T-PODResponder can stay on and keep your patient’s pelvic region stable during MRI, X-Ray and CT scans.

  • Symmetrical, Circumferential Compression – Designed using a unique pulley system spanning nearly the width of the belt, T-PODResponder offers compression that is evenly distributed on both sides of the pulley system and across the width of the binder.

  • Modulated Compression – Unlike a buckle system where compression can only be adjusted at certain settings, the T-PODResponder pulley system means that infinite adjustments can be made.

  • Over-tightening Prevention – T-PODResponder’s pulley system features a 6-8” gap that is designed specifically to prevent over-tightening.

  • Improved Material – The new T-PODResponder uses new 100% polyurethane material that is thinner, breathable, latex-free, durable and contains moisture wicking capabilities. Better yet, the new material will not fray even when cut to size.

Model Number: TPODR

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