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Water-Jel Fire Blanket in Canister - 0,5 ft x 0,67ft

$594.99 - $1,142.40


Water-Jel Fire Blankets consist of a scientifically formulated cooling gel and a special carrier. As a one-step system for emergency first aid on a burn victim, this full sized blanket wraps completely around the patient to put out the fire, stop burn progression and cool the skin, ease pain, and protect against airborne contamination.

  • Soaked in water based/water soluble, bacteriostatic & biodegradable gel
  • Intercellular weave wool blanket
  • Capable of absorbing 13 times its weight
  • Plastic container with handle can be stored or used with Water-Jel mounting bracket #TL-10
  • Shelf Life: 5 years

Model Number: G9672C-04

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