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AMBU® Blue Sensor™ N-00-S Snap Electrode, 25 pcs



Ambu® Blue Sensor N-00-S/25 are particularly suitable for children. For ABR and ERA measurements, sleep diagnostics and sleep therapy, and ECG. Sensor material: silver / silver chloride. Wet gel electrode with push button. Shelf life with unopened bags: 24 months. Easy handling and optimal signal quality characterize this electrode. 

  • The very small Ambu Blue Sensor N has been specially developed for children.
  • It features highly conductive wet gel and superior adhesion to ensure optimal signal during short- to medium-term applications.
  • Thanks to the comfortable foam backing, the electrode is gentle to the skin.
  • High-quality Ag/AgCl sensor.

Model Number: N-00-S/25

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