Ambu Blue Sensor R Electrodes, 25/Pack



The Ambu R-00-S Offset Snap Stress Test Electrode - item #R-00-S, item #EMR00S is foam, has a wet gel and is made with Ag/Ag chloride. It is latex free and 57 x 48mm. Ambu's electrodes are made of the highest quality materials, to exacting standards for increased performance and reliability.

All of Ambu's electrodes are made to comply with industry standards to ensure that their electrodes will perform under all monitoring conditions.


  • Foam
  • Highly conductive wet gel
  • Ag/Ag Chloride   
  • Latex Free
  • 57 x 48mm
  • High quality silver/silver chloride
  • Ag/AgCl sensor
  • Superior adhesion to ensure optimal signal quality
  • Comfortable foam backing is gentle to the skin
  • Also ideal for EMS and medium to long term applications
  • Sold by the 4/pouch, 5/pouch, 7/pouch, 25/pouch, 500/box, 1000/case
  • Replaces Burdick #097002 at a 40% savings

Model Number: R-00-S/25

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