Boussignac CPAP, Small - Size 3



The Boussignac CPAP system is a completely open CPAP system that doesn't require the use of a flow generator. The Boussignac CPAP system needs only an Oxygen source and a flowmeter, saving valuable space and weight. Rebreathing is eliminated. Barotrauma is reduced, and breathing is made easier.

The Boussignac CPAP system features the lowest oxygen consumption rate of any CPAP system (15 -30L/min flow rate for 3.5 - 10cmH20), and is the only CPAP system that depends entirely on the oxygen flow rate. CPAP easily adjusts to the patient's needs. PEEP is adjustable by changing the flow rates. There are No valves to adjust or change.

CPAP can be set up in under two minutes.

Model Number: 5562313

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