Emergency O.B. Kit



An Emergency O.B. (Obstetrics) Kit is a specialized medical kit designed for use in emergency situations involving childbirth and obstetric emergencies. These kits are typically found in healthcare facilities, ambulances, and other healthcare settings where childbirth emergencies may occur. Here's a description of what an Emergency O.B. Kit may contain:

  1. Sterile Supplies:

    • Sterile gloves: Disposable gloves are essential for maintaining a sterile environment during delivery.
    • Sterile drapes or sheets: These are used to create a clean and sterile field for the delivery.
    • Sterile towels or gauze: These are used for wiping and cleaning the newborn and mother.
  2. Instruments:

    • Umbilical cord clamps: Used to clamp and cut the newborn's umbilical cord.
    • Scissors: For cutting the umbilical cord or other materials as needed.
    • Bulb syringe or suction device: To clear the baby's airway of fluids or mucus.
    • Forceps: In some kits, obstetrical forceps may be included for assisting with the delivery.

Model Number: 0975NL

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