Ever Ready First Aid Fully Stocked EMT Trauma Kit Feat. Tourniquet, Chest Seals, Bleeding Control, Bandages, Shears, Gauze Pads and Rolls



  • FULLY STOCKED - Contains all the necessary and important items needed for many trauma injury situations. Included in this kit are assorted trauma dressings and pads, traumatic bleeding control products, CPR equipment, PPE items, bandages and splints, all in a durable bag designed for stability, strength and comfort.
  • FIRST RESPONDERS BAG - This trauma bag is an excellent choice for all first responder situations - both personal and professional. Easily organize your equipment with two outer zippered compartments and one main dual-secured compartment with a convenient divider. The adjustable shoulder strap provides an easy and comfortable way to transport your equipment. The two high visibility reflector strips shine brightly when exposed to light making the bag easy to locate in low light situations.
  • BLEEDING CONTROL – This kit includes items needed to stem heavy blood loss. A Tourniquet, vented chest seals and quick clotting gauze.
  • GAUZE DRESSINGS AND PADS – Perfect to care for an injury on any body part, these gauze dressings can be used directly on a wound or as a wrap to hold bandages, injured limbs and splints in place. These versatile professional hospital gauze rolls are latex-free and suitable for surgery after-care.
  • TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT – A pair of titanium EMT shears, a medical pen light with diagnostic pupil gauge, forceps, CPR mask shield, ring cutter, bandage shears and more completes the pack to ensure you are ready to react when trauma injuries occur.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 17 x 7 x 7 inches

Model Number: 999205KFST

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