Ever Ready First Aid Multi-Trauma Sterile Non-Woven Dressing 12” x 30”

$6.95 - $99.95


  • WOUND PROTECTION- This dressing protects wounds and prevent infections while allowing the injury to heal. This dressing may be used to control bleeding from a major wound or to absorb any discharge from a minor wound.
  • STERILE AND ABSORBENT - Sterile, absorbent 12" x 30" multi-trauma dressing is ideal for stopping bleeding associated with deep lacerations, abrasions, burns, penetration wounds and fractures.
  • LARGE AREA COVERAGE - Multi-layered absorbent pad opens to 12 x 30-inch for dressing larger areas such as back, chest or head. Protects and cushions lacerations, abrasions, and piercing wounds fractures.
  • MANY USES- A variety of applications such as treatment of burns, lacerations and fractures. Add one to all your first aid kits to ensure you are ready when even the most traumatic injuries occurs.
  • STERILE: Each dressing comes sealed in a sterile package.

Model Number: 3532

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