Heavy Duty DOD Spec Human Remains Pouch, Adult




  • Pouch is constructed with scrim supported, impervious and abrasion resistant 18 mil vinyl material making it a much stronger and more durable product than the unsupported vinyl material used by our “overseas” competition.
  • All seams are 100% RF heat sealed to eliminate any possible leakage. Designed for today’s “high-risk” bio-hazard exposures (Complies with OSHA Reg. 3130 - Universal Precautions)
  • Eight (8) padded handles RF welded directly into and are integral to the bag material for comfortable handling during transport. This eliminates the exterior sewn or riveted “webbing” style handles used on traditional transport body bags. This feature avoids webbing “tear-out” or failure during rough handling, while maintaining the fluid tight integrity of the pouch.
  • Static Lift Tested to 800 LB Capacity. May be lifted by helicopter or crane using standard webbing slings.


  • 36 x 94 (91.44 x 238.76 cm)
  • 6 Handle  Gov’t Spec Heavy Duty
  • #9 Envelope Zipper

Extra Information

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