Medi-Trace Cadence Pediatric RTS Defibrillation Electrodes for LP12 &LP15



Cadence Defibrillation Electrodes employ an unique silver/silver chloride design resulting in a more uniform distribution of current during defibrillation, pacing and cardioversion. This uniform current distribution helps to reduce the risk of skin irritation. These electrodes incorporate radiotransparent wires to provide a clearer view of the patient during x-ray as well as long lead wires to facilitate easier patient positioning. There is no need for adaptors or the retrofitting of cables since the Cadence Electrodes come available with connectors for all the major defibrillators. Replaces Physio-Control quick combo electrodes.

  • Unique Gradient Silver/Silver Chloride Design - Reduces risk of skin irritation
  • Oval Shape - Reduces risk of corner heating
  • Radiotransparent - Allows for better visibility during x-ray
  • Aggressive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Provides maximum adhesion and electrical contact
  • Proprietary Conductive Adhesive Hydrogel Formula - Provides additional adhesion in the center of the electrode
  • Connectors connect directly to equipment - No need for adaptors or special cables and provide a reliable connection
  • Extended Lead Wire Length - Provides more flexibility with patient movement and positioning
  • Color Coded Packaging and Connector Illustrations - Allows for quick and easy product identification
  • Large Anatomical Artwork on Pad - Makes pad placement easy and quick


Pad Size in Inches (L x W)
4.4 x 2.8 in / 11.2 x 7.0 cm

Integrated Leadwires
60 in / 1.5 M

Backing Material
Polyethylene Foam

Conductive Element Material
Tin Copper

Adapter Connector
Comparable to Physio OEM

Extra Information

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