MediTac Large Hawk Type Tactical Trauma Bag Feat. Rip-Away Velcro Fastener Bag Backpack, MOLLE Bag Rucksack Pack



  • DURABLE MOLLE BAG – This sturdy bag is designed to be customizable, affordable and a reliable equipment holder for both professionals and civilians alike. It is roomy enough to address your first aid needs, whoever and wherever you are. The adjustable backing attaches to any vehicle headrest, backpacks and more. It is a great size that you can tailor to suit your needs.
  • LARGE 14” x 7.5” X 6” – Has lots of space for multiple tourniquets, gauze, pressure wraps, tape, and shears. Holds enough IFAK supplies for a solo adventurer or a team. This bag has enough space so you do not have to sacrifice preparedness. The durable MOLLE straps with snaps allow attaching the EMT pouch to any MOLLE compatible gear.
  • 2 RIP AWAY EMT POUCHES – This IFAK bag includes 2 tear-away panels allowing for quick removal so you can grab-and-go. The removable pouches are Velcro released so you can access emergency supplies quickly. Perfect to tailor the bag to your specific needs and for everyday items like band-aids, aspirin, alcohol pads, etc.
  • MULTIPLE STRAPS AND POCKETS – Inside and out, this bag has sturdy, large pockets and straps to keep all your items safe, secure and ready to use.
  • RIP-AWAY VELCRO FOR FAST REMOVAL – This bag is created with a strong, secure Velcro fastener on the back for quick removal from belt or backpack. No need to untie or unfasten. Just pull / rip off and you are ready to administer aid.

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