Meditac Tactical Eagle Type MOLLE EMT Medical First Aid IFAK Utility Pouch Rip-Away Pouch (Bag Only)



The MediTac IFAK Utility Pouch is perfect for use by Sportsman, EMTs, Outdoor adventurers to keep medical supplies clean, safe and quickly at hand when needed.
  • DURABLE - Securely holds your first aid kit, including a battle dressing or blood stopper kit 5.5" tall x 9.25" wide x 3" deep, 19” unrolled open.
  • PORTABLE - Fits on your MOLLE compatible tactical vest or chest rig, gear bag, belt, or other equipment. Velcro fastener on the back allows for quick removal from belt or backpack.
  • ORGANIZED – Several pockets and elastic straps keep all items in order, organized and easy to access.
  • SECURE – Our IFAK bag has several Velcro closures that secure the zippers and openings to ensure your items retain safe, clean and ready to use.
  • This order is for one empty IFAK Pouch - Black

Fast and Easy to Attach and Remove

Pad has strong Velcro on one side to attach the IFAK kit

Velcro ensures the IFAK kit is quickly removable when needed, yet strong enough to hold the kit in place.

Reverse side has sturdy straps and snaps to attach to backpack, MOLLE bag, belt or anywhere the kit is needed.

Detachable Front Pocket is perfect for commonly used items.

3 Interior pockets are deep to keep items safe, secure and ready when needed.

Inside front flap has an additional band with strong stitching for more storage.

Extra Information