MediTac Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears, Disposable Black Pen Light, & CPR Barrier With One Way Valve



ESSENTIAL MEDICAL TOOLS - Augment any first aid kit with this convenient combo pack. MediTac provides the essentials all doctors, nurses, and EMS responders should have.

TITANIUM BONDED BANDAGE SHEERS - Blunt-tip 7" shears for cutting gauze, tape, clothing, bandages, and other materials.

DISPOSABLE BLACK PEN LIGHT - The design of our pen lights provides a comfortable grip when working, providing a bright light to assist in medical and health assessment. The metal clip beats out other designs with plastic clips, durable and perfect to clip on shirts, pants, or scrubs.

CPR BARRIER WITH ONE WAY VALVE - For single use on adults, children, or infants for CPR rescue breathing. Used to prevent transmission of bodily fluids and germs between rescuer and victim.

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