NIO Intraosseous Devices - Adult



The New Intraosseous device is an automatic intraosseous device packaged for safe, quick, and easy vascular access. No drills, no batteries, no extra parts. The NIO is a simple, automatic intraosseous device ready for rapid placement into the lateral tibial tuberosity or humeral head. No batteries, and no drilling.  

The NIO-A features an innovative stabilizer hub which serves three functions:

  • Needle stabilizer assists in securing the needle to the limb
  • Mechanical stopper limits needle depth, preventing over penetration
  • Stabilizer base aids in the removal of the catheter

NIO Intraosseous Devices - Adult Features:

  • Sterile - Zero Chance of Cross Contamination
  • Vascular Access in as Little as 10 Seconds
  • Disposable & Single Use
  • No External Power Source or Batteries Needed
  • Pocket sized and Lightweight - 3.5oz
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Patient Friendly, No Exposed Needle
  • Assembled, Ready to Use
  • Size: Adult 15ga

Model Number: NIO - A

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