Tourniquet, Latex-Free, 1" x 18"

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These latex-free tourniquets are user-friendly, tear-resistant, durable, and are perfect for meeting the needs of medical professionals as well as for home medical use. They are comfortable and fit all shapes and sizes of limbs due to their length and stretch.


  • DISPOSABLE SINGLE-USE TOURNIQUETS – Disposable tourniquets eliminate the need for timely clean-up. They are an ideal choice and alternative to non-disposable tourniquets in many medical situations.
  • STRONG & DURABLE – The high-quality non-latex material is designed to be tear-resistant. The durable elastic material won’t give out even when tied tightly around an extremity.
  • STANDARD SIZE – The 1” x 18” is a standard size for a disposable tourniquet. This size makes the tourniquet easy to apply to any sized limb of any patient; infant, child, or adult.
  • LATEX-FREE – Our tourniquets are ideal for patients who have latex sensitivity or allergy. The non-latex material is comfortable and perfect for those looking to avoid latex medical equipment.

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