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Free Shipping on all orders over $175

Medi-Trace Cadence Pediatric RTS Defibrillation Electrodes for LP12 &LP15

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MEDI-TRACE™ Cadence Defibrillation Electrodes employ an unique silver/silver chloride design resulting in a more uniform distribution of current during defibrillation, pacing and cardioversion. This uniform current distribution helps to reduce the risk of skin irritation. These electrodes incorporate radiotransparent wires to provide a clearer view of the patient during x-ray as well as long lead wires to facilitate easier patient positioning. There is no need for adaptors or the retrofitting of cables since the MEDI-TRACE™ Cadence Electrodes come available with connectors for all the major defibrillators. Replaces Physio-Control quick combo electrodes.

  • Unique Gradient Silver/Silver Chloride Design - Reduces risk of skin irritation
  • Oval Shape - Reduces risk of corner heating
  • Radiotransparent - Allows for better visibility during x-ray
  • Aggressive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Provides maximum adhesion and electrical contact
  • Proprietary Conductive Adhesive Hydrogel Formula - Provides additional adhesion in the center of the electrode
  • Connectors connect directly to equipment - No need for adaptors or special cables and provide a reliable connection
  • Extended Lead Wire Length - Provides more flexibility with patient movement and positioning
  • Color Coded Packaging and Connector Illustrations - Allows for quick and easy product identification
  • Large Anatomical Artwork on Pad - Makes pad placement easy and quick


(3" x 4 1/4")

Model Number: 22550P